EDITORIAL: What happened to arena football in Spokane? I recall the excitement and anticipation whenever the old Spokane Shock team played at the arena. They had built a solid fan base here in town. We would often make a ritual of eating dinner at D'Lishe's where we came across throngs of fans in Shock garb. The arena filled quickly and there were few empty seats. The team consisted of highly motivated and skilled players who eventually worked their way to a championship.

Perhaps upgrading to the next level of arena football resulted in overwhelming competition? They didn't play well, and fans began to lose the fervor they once held. The seats were not nearly as full. Their star quarterback decided to take an offer from the Arizona Rattlers, no doubt the key to their ultimate demise.

Along came the Spokane Empire, under new management with a defense coordinator becoming the new manager. Instead of playing in one of the Arena Football leagues, the Empire became part of the Indoor Football league, a presumably lower class of teams? Talent and management began to fade along with the demise of the Empire.

I think I am not alone when I say I really miss having an arena football team here in Spokane! What would it take to attract an investor to put together yet another team with solid players and management to become a success once again?

I can only imagine!

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